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AFA Interview: Solstice Sisters from Artist For Artist on Vimeo.

AFA is honored to present Solstice Sisters, an interview conducted between artists Adriane Schramm and David Mramor. Both artists are interested in societies’ placement of gender and the “synesthesia” of human existence. They have been friends and inspirational to one another for nearly a decade, both moving to New York City in 2006 to explore the art world; Mramor to attend MA courses at The School of Visual Art and Schramm a fresh graduate with her MA from Ohio University. Since, they have gone to further develop their identities within their art practice: Mramor’s development of Enid Ellen, Schramm’s tender exploration of Michael Jackson and the grotesque Puss-Y Zitessa.

In the interview the artists express their feeling of trust towards one another as performance artists Enid Ellen (David Mramor) and Puss-Y Zitessa (Adriane Schramm). It is clear that their friendship is a positive drive through their artistic practice. They help each other find strength in their art, Schramm explains, “He [Mramor] always reminds me how important it is as an artist to remain vulnerable, because that is your power.” An empowering statement that calls for art to function as a reclamation of strength.

Both Schramm and Mramor explain that their work as artists is a calling, a responsibility filled with the highest of respect to their audience, which they are very much aware of. Mramor describes in the video how it is “humbling” to be able to perform as Enid Ellen and how she gives a voice for the “weak people in this life.” Schramm also explores this weakness through her fascination with Micheal Jackson: a powerful and talented artist who is loved by the world amidst grappling with his own physicality.

It is clear that both Schramm and Mramor are artists that contain great power in their work which is found in the depths of their souls. Through the Solstice Sisters interview they were generous enough to invite us into their thoughts about making art independently and with each other, but ultimately for a greater audience who needs a voice.

Schramm will be exhibiting her artwork in The Art of ADRIANE SCHRAMM: “PUSS-Y! ( ZIT CUM) …The Ecstasy of the Grotesque,” at Pendu Gallery on Friday October 8th, 2010. Mramor will be in Just Bond and the House of Whimsy at The Kitchen with artist, Justin Bond, at the end of October. Mramor will also be performing as Enid Ellen at the Sidewalk Café, September 23rd, for the Autumn Equinox.

We hope you enjoy the interview. Great thanks to Adrianne Schramm and David Mramor for being such inspirational artists!

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