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This fall, artists Elaine Hullihen and Olga Ziemska will be presenting AFA with an interview that reveals the organic nature from which both artists fuel their process and works. Both women living in northeast Ohio find the cycle of seasons as a inspirational turn in visual poetics.  Olga and Elaine are sculptors of great velocity and intent, placing their bodies align with the landscape and evoking the sense of a harmonious world where the realities we build flow from the questions that lead us to explore them.

"Stillness in Motion" Olga Ziemska, 2003 locally reclaimed willow branches and wire approximately 69" x 155"

"Architectural Clothing study #1" by Elaine Hullihen, 2008, Scottish Cultural Workshop

"how i learned to listen..." by Olga Ziemska, 1999 conch shell and clay 12" x 5"

"A Float A Flicker" performed by Elaine Hullihen, 2009 Photograph by Shannon Sullivan 18 x 24

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