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Rob Fisher, "Domestic Violet" 2005, acrylic, silkscreen on paper mounted to canvas 31” x 24 ¼”

Frank James Fisher, “Brand Remover” Raku fired porcelain 2010

Brothers Rob Fisher (b. 1972) and Frank James Fisher (b.1961) were born into a family of storytellers. Their father a painter, and later a successful graphic artist, seemed to inspire both his sons to follow in his foot steps. Frank James Fisher, now a practicing artist and teacher of ceramics at School Craft College in Michigan, has gone on to champion the technique of raku firing and a language built from graphic design principles. Brother Rob Fisher has also perfected his process of building his paintings through a layering of techniques, from screen printings to layers of acrylic he builds poetic scenes arranged with clues for the most “Hitchockian” of devises. Both brothers and artists are champions of their mediums and mysterious narratives, we simply can not wait to hear more about how they have come to their current art practice.

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