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After being fans of Jeremiah Maddock‘s, finally getting to see his work in person, at gallery Factory Fresh in Brooklyn, left my mind instilled with questions.  I proposed an interview with Ali Ha (part owner for Factory Fresh with artist Ad Deville) and she was able to get the unassuming artist to show up. In this interview you will hear the voices of Ali Ha and Ad Deville, who were eager to ask Jeremiah a few questions solidifying that Maddock’s art evokes an archivist spirit in his fans; endlessly digging for clues to unlock his lines from the paper. Other then my lack of a tripod (my apologies), this interview is a fascinating blip into Maddock’s thoughts on his works shown in the exhibition, SEENOEVILSEENOEVILSEEEVIL.

AFA Interview:See No Evil with Jeremiah Maddock and Ali Ha from Artist For Artist on Vimeo.

"Don't want to song," by Jeremiah Maddock

"Can Read You" by Jeremiah Maddock

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