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AFA Update: Declarations of Spring

Artist For Artist is moving steadily into what the year of the rabbit will bring and we hope that you have enjoyed the writings of artist William Steinman, from his travels to the west coast and artist Sarah Kunkler‘s dialogue sparked from a residency in Yerevan, Armenia.  We dove into the surreal world with Irish artist Maud Cotter about her most recent book All Stuff is Farse. Articles part I and II of Forces of Nature, is an intimate exploration of two Northeastern Ohio artists (Elaine Hullihen and Olga Ziemska), who had never met but found commonalities through the organic sentiments from which they create artwork. These articles have been a creative corner stone to the kind of projects, and communities that Artist For Artist strives to support.

Artist for Artist based in Brooklyn, New York with roots in Ohio, and strives to applaud the progression of experimental dialogues and exchanges between artists and their communities, hoping to build cultural sustainability.  Artist For Artist is an unique platform for artists to connect with a wide range of audiences and contemporaries.  We applaud the growth of multiculturalism through contemporary visual artists that will shape the visual language of contemporary history.

Elaine Hullihen: Declarations of Truth, podium, mixed media, 2011 (image courtesy of Sculpture Center)

*Above image: Featured at The Sculpture Center, Euclid Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio. April 29th-June 4, 2011. For more information on Elaine’s process on this project go here and for more information on the exhibition see, The Sculpture Center.


Photo by Antony Crook, courtesy of Danspace Projects

Danspace Project

AB, of AFA, is doing the install of works by Marina Abramovic, Holton Rower, Will Ryman, Pat Steir, and Elizabeth Streb for the Danspace Project 2011 Gala at NYC Lower East side landmark St. Mark’s Church.  The Gala is Tuesday, April 26th and for more information on how to buy tickets visit the Danspace site and if you would like a look at whats for auction!

MERIKE ESTNA. "Fairytail 20 Years Later" 1/65. Lithography, 2008. In "Love in the 21st Century" Portfolio.

Estonian Lithographic Center

Anneliis Beadnell, of AFA, has been invited to curate a project with the Estonian Lithographic Center, culminating into a print portfolio entitled, Freedom in the 21st Century.  In partnering with Jaak Visnap and Kadri Alesma, (of the Estonian Lithographic Center) we mean to create an international exchange of ideas with some of the best progressive artists of Estonia and the U.S.  The base of this exchange will be through the medium of traditional lithography, which is a championed medium of the Estonian’s history. It was the process of choice during the propaganda years of occupation and since the early nineties as the inspiration for Graffika art. The portfolio will contain the works of twelve artists, six from each country, who will create original stone cut lithographs through the guidance of the Estonian Lithography Center in Tallinn, Estonia to be exhibited in the fall of 2012.

"Bushwick Park" by Skewville.

Trust Art

Recently, AB has been brainstorming with Jose and Seth of Trust Art. Please check out their next project, Skewville’s Bushwick Art Park that will be showcased in the Festival of Ideas, May 4-8, 2011. Please visit the Trust Art site for more information on how to invest in this project, and if you live in and around the Bushwick community then there is no reason for you not to give a gift of support.


Christina Galasso "God Has Horns," 2010 collage. One of the artists featured in the Live From Detroit Exhibition.

Live From Detroit

Monica Bowman of The Butchers Daughter is a visionary and smart as a whip; these qualities are apparent if you ever have the chance to start a conversation with about the art market, artist communities and the movements therein. After walking through her recently curated exhibition Live From Detroit, now on view in NYC at Fred Torres Collaborations until June 11, 2011, I felt some intriguing questions building for me for some of the artists. We will be hearing from them soon, until then go check it out.

Carl next to Mel Kendrick's "Jacks" at Mary Boone Gallery (photo by Anneliis Beadnell)

Mel Kendrick

After seeing Mel’s work progress over the few years I have taken residence in NYC, I was thrilled hearing that Kendrick would be showing a seminal selection of his works from 1995 to present at David Noland Gallery and his most recent labor of love, Jacks, now on view at Mary Boone Gallery in Chelsea. Since their opening there has been a mixture of critical views and a great interview with Kendrick in the Brooklyn Rail. In the article we will take a look at, not only the successes of the work in each exhibition, but also how their simultaneous running ruffled the “critical” feathers of Chelsea.

coming soon………

AFA Interview: Blood Brothers with Rob Fisher and Frank James Fisher

The Scope of a Periphery with Sarah Kunkler and Edgar Amroyan

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