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"how i learned to listen..." by Olga Ziemska, 1999 conch shell and clay 12" x 5"

Working in collaboration with a multitude of artists, arts professionals and academics, AFA Critical Briefs will shed light on global artist communities that are under-recognized in the art market at large.  As a series of monthly articles and interviews, AFA Critical Briefs will be submitted by a group of diverse artistic perspectives, giving a greater audience a glimpse of active artists and their communities.

These reports may exist in traditional text-based form or be conceived as a video or visual essay.  With this series, Artist For Artist wants to invite a collection of educated voices and active arts professionals to share the cultural wealth of their diverse communities through briefing our readers in the current issues of contemporary art.  Our mission with this series is to connect global art audiences and encourage the concept of multi-centeredness in the art world.  Applied collaborators should be committed to the mission behind AFA and have agreed to help build a factual collective voice of innovative artist communities.

For more information on how to submit please email anneliis.beadnell [at]

Current Critical Briefs:

Impression, proche orient (IPO): Artist Tom Bogaert briefs from his two year project in the Middle East. IPO 1: Amman, Jordan at Makan Art Space.  IPO 2: Aleppo, Syria at Le Point.

Tom Bogaert Bio

Before dedicating his life to art, Belgian artist Tom Bogaert documented genocide and human rights abuses in Africa, Europe and Asia. He worked as a lawyer for Amnesty International and the UN refugee agency. The artist does not see his artwork as an extension of his refugee work, although it does directly confront the intersection of human rights, entertainment and propaganda.

Tom Bogaert stopped practicing law in 2004 and participated in the Elizabeth Foundation Studio Center in New York City. He had his first solo exhibition in NYC in 2008 with the legendary Jack the Pelican Presents gallery and he has widely exhibited in Europe, the Middle East and the US. Bogaert’s work has been written about in publications such as The New York Times, Al-Akhbar, JO-magazine, NY Arts Magazine, Baladna, Artist for Artist and The Miami Herald.

Tom Bogaert lives and works in Amman, Jordan.

"Spoon Study" by Elaine Hullihen, 2008 in Megan Stoneking's installation

Spoons in Flux: Artist Elaine Hullihen, Gallery 425 Kent, Ohio by Anneliis Beadnell

Declarations of Truth: Artist Elaine Hullihen, Sculpture Center, Cleveland Ohio

Elaine Hullihen Bio.

Still from Mechanical Found Ghost, 16mm, 2010 by William Steinman

The 9th Day: Artist William Steinman does a review on an exhibition Scottsdale, Arizona. William Steinman’s statement.

Color photographs from November 2009, Yerevan, Armenia by Sarah Kunkler

The political state of Armenian Art; Yerevan, Armenia part I and part II by artist Sarah Kunkler. With curator Seda Shekoyan and artists; Varuzhan Sahakyan, Aleksey Manukyan, Garik Yengibaryan, Ovsanna Shekoyan and Hovhannes Ishkhanyan.

Sarah Kunkler was born in South-Eastern Ohio. She attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and received a Bachelor of Fine Art, with a double major in Printmaking and Photography. In 2005 she moved to Prague, Czech Republic, where she currently lives and works.