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"The Chemistry of Supernova Brain" by MARKO MÄETAMM
“The Chemistry of Supernova Brain” by MARKO MÄETAMM

A collective voice of Artist For Artist is represented through a series of interviews between two practicing artists. We invite artists to create their own organic dialogue with their fellow contemporaries in order to create an open platform of intimate conversations surrounding their artwork. The interviews will create a primary resource for dialogues surrounding current artistic processes, philosophies and cultures.

At AFA, we believe that artist’s voices are becoming increasingly muffled by the arrangements of other visionaries.  This is why now, more than ever, the contemporary art world is in need of a platform in which artists can share their purview, studio and artistic voice with a greater audience.

The AFA Interview begins when two artists are invited to document their own organic dialogue with their fellow contemporaries (either known personally or not).  The goal for the artists is to create a documentation of an intimate conversation surrounding their current art practice. The interviews can come in different forms via video, digital audio recording or transcript with no limitations, at the preference of the participating artist.

AFA’s goal is to capture the voices of professional artists so that a factual discourse may be built around their purviews and artistic statements. AFA’s mission is to protect the clarity and content of the artists’ interviews through providing visual aides (by inserting images of both artist’s work) in order to further educate the audience on the works being discussed.

The first video interview of this series is currently published online entitled, AFA Interview: Solstice Sisters with artists David Mramor and Adriane Schramm.  The following quote is from David Mramor, after he was asked how he felt about participating in this project:

First of all it [AFA Interviews] has given me a huge promotional tool that explores who and what I am all about directly from me.   The video really helped my own practice to understand what another artist is seeing in my own work and what another artist does.  This video was beautifully executed and nothing was posted or edited without an okay from both of us artists.  We okayed everything.  Our voice spoke exactly how we sought fit.  Through this video an even larger audience was able to see us first hand.  It really opens up the community to other connections with artists, curators, gallery owners, etc.  Along with all the footage an educational article was written up about both of us, our relationship and our individual work.  The project, AFA is truly dedicated to art and artists. Big and small she wants to help make these things come together. AFA will be a true time capsule of what is happening now in art.

Artist David Mramor

The interviews will create a primary resource for dialogues surrounding current artistic processes, philosophies and cultures.

The current line-up of artists is invitation only, but we are happy to look at prospect submissions. Please contact anneliis.beadnell [at] for further information.

AFA Interviews Line-Up (chronologically ordered):


Solstice Sisters, AFA Interview conducted August, 2010. For the full video interview please go here and for the excerpt “Dresses and Gender Roles” please go


Finding YAWYOU was conducted by Peerna and Han in August 2010. The footage was shot and edited by Peerna, while the interview was recorded in Han’s studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Please go here for the full interview


Resurrection of John Smith was filmed in the summer of 2010 at Marko and Kaido’s studios in Tallin, Estonia. They are currently being subtitled and edited. To be posted soon.


The brother Fisher recorded an interview in September 2010, it is currently being transcribed.  To be posted soon.


The interview is being conducted in Ohio from the Hopewell Mounds early 2011.


Not Your Traditional Painters was shot and edited by Ganske in his studio in Brooklyn in September of 2010. The interview is amazingly light hearted, laughing off the day to day grind of being large scale painters. Please see their full “fireside chat” here


Cosmic Puns, Part I and II, was conducted by artists Ryan Travis Christian and Eric Yahnker in the Fall of 2010. After seeing their collaborative artwork, “Wandering Bong Rip with Mariah Carey Features,” 2010, my laughter grew into a belly ache that could only be cured through the enrichment of this interview.  Both brilliant minds have gathered in two exceptional interviews full of insight and talent.